Thursday, June 24, 2010

Horse Camp

Last week, my mom watched the girls and did daycare for me while Alayna and I went to Horse Camp. It was through the 4H and such a great experience for Alayna! She was able to ride for several hours a day, with sessions including Trail Class (getting your horse familiar with various "scary" things they may encounter on a trail-ride) showmanship, games, etc. Mixed in with the riding sessions were horseless sessions about caring for your horse, judging horses, general veterinary care, etc. She had a blast. While she was doing all that, I was relaxing in our borrowed camper, helping prepare meals for 100+ people and watching what I could of her riding sessions. We both had a great time and are ready for next year!

Alayna and her horse, Chloe
Trying to get Chloe to walk over a tarp. They circled several times before she finally did it!
Coming off the bridge in the trail class
Alayna during Horse Bowl (quiz bowl with horsey questions)
Alayna got 2nd place and a silver medal for her age group (23 kids) in horse judging!
**I have posted more today in a bit of blog-keeping, so look below for more of what's been happening!


Lexey said...

So fun!! I wish I could have done that as a kid. Very impressive. I'm glad you both had fun.

Heather Forcey said...

What a fun week! Very cool to have a mom who will go to horse camp and help her foster her love of horses. Looks like she had a blast.