Friday, May 8, 2009


Poor baby girl is having a rough morning today, and it all started last night, apparently. We went out to Andy's cousin's land where we go camping, and the girls were playing while us adults worked on different projects. When we finished, we ate dinner, came home and went to bed. Sounds like a nice night, huh? It was. But then Mikayla had a rough night of being up and down, finally settling for the night around midnight. This morning she came downstairs and said, "My hand ouchie."

Yeah, you think? Thankfully Bob and Andy were coming for breakfast before loading some more wood for their land projects. We rubbed Orajel on her palm, Andy and Bob held her, and I performed minor surgery to get the 12 slivers out. We only managed to get out 7, but thankfully they were the bigger 7. The rest are too small and will have to just work their way out. So we're slathering anti-bacterial cream on her palm and trying to get her to keep a band-aid on, but it's not going too well. Poor baby is resting now, with her band-aid and sucker, watching Shrek.


Anonymous said...

What on earth did she get into? Was she chasing porcupines?


Anonymous said...

Oh the poor little thing! She looks so brave with her bandaid and sucker!