Thursday, May 28, 2009

Marley Update

Remember this?
That pic was taken the first day or two we had little Miss Marley. She was just a peanut and everyone asked if we were sure she was a Great Dane. "How can she be so little?" "She looks like a black lab pup, are you sure?" Yeah, we're sure.

Marley is now a horse, bordering on moose, and we love her to death. Her head is almost to my hips (I'm 5'6") and she can reach the table top without even lifting her head. She's incredibly gentle with the girls, she loves snuggle time with me and trips to the farm with Andy. She is super protective of us, but also still a little timid of strangers. But don't tell them that, as her size and bark are probably enough to scare bad guys away before they realize she'll bark from a distance only. Her potty training is complete, she whines at the door when she wants out and if you ignore that, she gets in your face. And if you're sitting down on a chair or couch, she can reach your face no problem. She's intelligent and funny and a goofball. We love Marley and Sunny like they are our own children. In some ways they are.


Heather Forcey said...

She is so cute!

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

She is just gorgeous!! I think you ended up with a great pup and addition to your girls.